Band saw blade tension

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    Josh Jenkinson

    Hello everyone,

    I have just bought a small “Workzone” bandsaw from Aldi and would like to know some more detailed information on blade tension if anyone has any. Has anyone had any experience of the blade coming off if it is tightened too much? This seemed the case with me, even after careful tracking adjustment. The only way to keep the blade on the wheels was to have it under less tension. There seems to be no accurate method of tensioning the blade at all, unless there was a musical pitch to aim for for each blade. In the manual it says press the side of the blade with your finger and it should only move a couple of mm, but this method is obviously extremely vague as you have no idea how hard to press!




    Peter George

    Part of the issue may be the blade guides. Here is a good video on setting up your saw.
    Band Saw Clinic

    You generally don’t need a huge amount of tension on the blade. I generally use Viking blades. With these blades they recommend tightening until any blade flutter just disappears.

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