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    I’ll start with one that I really liked from Episode 6 of the Dovetail Boxes series:
    “I am making this look easy… But it can be quite difficult”

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    On second thought, not to confuse, by giggle I mean admire and by laugh I mean excitement. I am not laughing at, nor making fun of Paul. Just to clarify. Brevity can sometimes come off differently than we expect.

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    Does someone recall exactly the recent one about sawing and letting the cut not stray too far and Paul applying this to child rearing? I enjoy these casual subclauses abounding with wisdom of a lifetime.

    from Germany

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    There are so many to choose from, but my new favorite is in the “
    How to Sharpen a Knife with Paul Sellers
    ” video on Youtube. At 2:16:

    “Now I know this seems complicated. No! Anybody can DIY this. You’ve got to take control…of your life.”

    I have never met Paul, but like many of you, I can hear him providing instruction in my head as I work.

    Tuscaloosa, AL

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    Wonderful – I happily agree with all the above.

    And would add: “This is R-e-a-l Woodworking”.

    …which is the reason we are all so attracted to Paul’s mesmerising video lessons, and would rather watch them than any number of clips of someone sliding a piece of wood over a dado stack!

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    I’m not exactly sure how it went but he said something like, “No one ever told me I couldn’t so I did”

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    I loved the walking canes when he said ‘it’s better to leave it a bit long. You can’t plait sawdust’ lol

    Swindon, England

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    That goes for me too , but here’s another one (please , place the appropriate quotes) :

    Think forward


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    That’s what you want when you go through life… You want people to say: “he cared”

    — Paul Sellers

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    Hopefully not a repeat. From the bookshelf series during glue up. “Don’t panic just drink more tea”

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    Surprised to see it’s not there yet:
    it’s not what you make, it’s how you make it.

    like another has said. I’ve never met Paul, but he is present in my head as I work. How do you thank a man you’ve never met? I dunno, I just keep woodworking I guess and make a joint that Paul would be proud of.

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    Drawer Making Episode Two, 18:26 “Remember, there are always two ends to a plank.”

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    To try and thank him, let’s get him knighted! I want to see Sir Paul Sellers one day.

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    I love when he says, “You’d still be looking for your router bits, and i’m done”, or something like that.

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    Along with the “you’re still looking for your router bit” as quoted by Eric above I like “Would I worry about that” and the answers of “no” or “I might be”. Those ones often play in my head whilst working 🙂

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    A Nubie here, but hhis is my favorite so far. On the topic of which side of the leather to strop on.

    “…for those who just want to get on with the woodworking and not argue over a gnats whisker.”

    Got to love it.

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