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    Hi, I’ve just bought two 4 planes on eBay. One Dronefield, and one Record. Both pretty rusty and dirty. I’ve cleaned them good, and flatted the sole, good purchase for 6,50 £.

    I’ve a big problem on setting up the Record. The brass nut is totally blocked inside the screw, this cause that when you try to adjust the blade depth the screw that fit in the frog comes off (because the brass nut is blocked on the last part of the screw). Any suggestion to fix it?



    Hi Riccardo can you make pictures and posted please? Is the comes off=broken inside?

    Toronto, Canada


    I THINK, I understand your problem.
    The brass blade adjustment knob is corroded onto the threaded “screw” that attaches to the frog and when you try to turn the adjustment knob the threaded “screw” unthreads from the frog instead of moving along the screw portion.
    You need to get two nuts that are the same thread size/count that will go onto the end of the screw that threads into the frog. They may not be a standard thread type, you’ll just have to try some sizes.
    Thread the two nuts onto the end that goes into the frog and tighten one against the other. This gives you something to hold onto while trying to unscrew the brass adjustment knob. The nuts can be held in a vise or with locking pliers.
    Hopefully this will give you enough leverage to break the knob free. It may just be really dirty.
    If it doesn’t yield, you’ll need to apply some heat to the knob and some penetrating oil to the threads.
    This turned out a bit more long winded than I wanted, hope this helps.

    SW Pennsylvania


    Finally I’ve take off the screw/nut, was totally stripped, that was the cause of lock off. Seems that today is impossible to find a replacement screw/nut, here in Italy at least. The ‘left pass’ screws are no longer made. So I went to a lathe turned to made that screw.. 20€! Tomorrow morning I will go to take it, I hope that will work! The dronfield plane have a problem with the yoke it dosen’t get a grip on the brass nut, I will try to fix it tomorrow squeezing it well. Any experience of this kind with strip off screws and loosen yokes?

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