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    Derek Kelley

    I’m in the process of buying tools. I don’t have a rabbet plane or a plow plane. My question is wouldn’t it be more cost effective to buy a Stanley no 45 versus buying each of these tools separately?


    The 45 combo plane is a fairly complex tool, with lots of little pieces and parts. Many of the ones you see for sale on Ebay are missing a key component like a fence or a screw. You can find ones that are complete, but they tend to be a lot more expensive.

    IMO, it is easier to find a good rebate plane and plough plane than it is to find a complete and working 45. But YMMV.

    Derek Kelley

    Thanks for your feedback. I appreciate it.

    Dave Ring

    Just for comparison, here are what the various options would probably cost:

    Combination plane, reasonably complete:

    Stanley 45 or Sargent/Craftsman:$125-$150
    Stanley 50: $100

    Rabbet/Rebate plane:

    Simple wooden rabbet: $10-$20
    Wooden moving fillister plane: $50-$100
    Stanley 78: $30-$40 if complete. $10-$20 if missing fence and/or depth stop
    Stanley 140 rabbet/block plane: $100-$125

    Plow/Plough plane:

    Wooden plow with 7 or 8 cutters: $100-$150
    Small cast iron plow with full set of cutters–Stanley or Record: Around $100

    There are also copies and analogs of the Stanley and Record planes.

    These are typical retail prices. They don’t include shipping charges (which could be substantial, especially on the big combination planes). There are,of course, more expensive options. There are also bargains out there (depending on where you live) if you are willing to do the legwork.


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    Derek Kelley

    Dave I appreciate your feedback. I have been looking for a little while, going back and forth between getting the 45 because I felt I was getting a lot more tool for the money. But I am also thinking that getting the plow and rabbet planes separate my be best, even if the two end up costing now than the one 45, because I think having specific planes made for a particular job might be easier to master using. I will admit that looking at the 45 is a bit intimidating with all those parts and pieces and it might be best to just keep it simple and get the specific tools.


    I managed to find my record no44 for just £6, you can find them for cheap if you look around on ebay, I bought blades for it later, I found it took me a while to get used to using the plough plane, the blades really do need to be very sharp to get a nice clean groove and it has to be set up correctly worth watching the video on here about it if you get one.

    I made the poor mans rebate plane which so far has been adequate it cuts up to 12mm wide rebates which works for 90% of the things I make, I’d recommend having a go at making it, it’s a fun project, if not thankfully the old vintage no 78s are still reasonably priced but I predict they might go up like the router plane did, so I’m thinking of getting one soon.

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