Can You tell me what is this for?

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    As tool collector ive found this saw in flea market but its too big for dovetails and tennons.
    where can i use it ? never seen soucha saw in this size.

    Thank You!

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    Frank Joseph


    Iam sorry Joe should have checked with you first,but some of us have a bad habit of classing saws as to useage, I have the catalogs it was new when I revived it and the postage was 3 cents I just like keeping them I don’t study them, don’t have time have Back orders for custom chesssets and chess tables. Only six to get done now and four custom saws to make I would normally say one Reagan back saw two small dovetail ten inch and a twenty inch panel saw. But as you know saw makers don’t class saws I hope sometime to have time to study the old catalog’s and the hundred or so books I have collected over the past sixtey years or so not certain I forget a lot of important things

    In South Jersey the good part of New Jersey, USA.

    Salko Safic


    Well I was wrong it is a mitre saw and a fine job you did on the handle, looking at the emblem it’s dated between 1897-1917 irrespective of what year that catalog is dated this emblem was produced between those years. Great find.
    The Lost Scrolls of HANDWORK
    (Hand tool only woodworking magazine)



    Thank you,

    SW Pennsylvania



    the handle looks to be in remarkably good condition in contrast to the plate and spine,

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