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    Eric Weaver

    Like many I made the bow saw with a 14 tpi band saw blade. I had a small gents saw with some awful teeth on it. Decided that 14 tpi sounded fine. Filed the teeth off then taped a section of the band saw blade to the gents saw blade and used it for a guide to start the teeth. It worked just fine. Thought I’d toss that in there in case anyone doesn’t feel like making a wood guide bar. I started the wood bar but messed it up a few times when I decided to try the band saw blade route.

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    Thats a good idea, Eric.

    I’ve refiled three of my saws, each with a different TPI and making the wooden guide was quite difficult to put it lightly. No matter what method I tried I couldn’t get exactly even spacing. The saws turned out fine in the end but they could be better.

    Roger Evans

    A dear Uncle of mine, sadly no longer with us, asked me to sharpen a lovely 10″ dovetail saw for him which had belonged to my grandfather. The teeth were so bad I had to file them off completely and recut them to 16tpi. This must have been 40 years ago – when my eyes still worked! I remember marking them direct from a 12″ engineers’ steel rule laid alongside: tedious but not difficult. (I trained as a machine tool engineer.)
    I have now inherited that self-same saw and am currently refurbishing it. A small chunk of the upper horn of the handle is missing which needs a piece splicing in. The saw was made by R Groves in, I am told, about 1880.


    Great find (again!!) Eddy,
    Can you share some post-rehab pics? I found a quality tenon saw recently as well but I have not begun the rehab.
    Cheers mate,
    COYS! I know the seasons ended but heart is still broken after the epi8c collapse saw Arsenal leapfrog us at the end. 🙁

    Cheers from New York City!
    ~~ Spurs forever; forever Spurs ~~


    That’s very clever I’ve made three file guides now one 10 12 and 16 it really can be a bit of a bore making them. I like your idea


    Eddie nice find and would love to see pictures after the restoration. I have several saw’s to bring back to life, no Brass Backs though would love to get a couple. I am odering some saw files but learned they are back order.

    Thanks for sharing !


    Steve Massie, I live in the great State of Florida, US

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