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    While we wait on the bow saw videos it’s interesting to see the Chinese take on the bow saw.

    Dallas, Texas


    I really enjoy his videos. Especially the plane making one. It’s amazing to me that he’s able to build with such a small and simple amount of tools. Especially his vise. It’s good therapy for me to watch videos like this to keep my wanting to buy more and more tools in check LOL.

    I can’t wait for the new bow saw video.


    To bad there It’s not subtitles to understand what he is saying.

    Kirk Zabolio

    Really good videos, just goes to show you that you don’t need a whole bunch of tools to do something worthwhile. Make do with what you got. It would be nice to understand what he is saying.


    I am humbled and inspired. Good techniques are proven by time and spread through out the world. He does so much with what he has and even does embellishment on the handle in the first video. The embellishment reminded my of cloud lifts on Greene and Greene furniture which are reported to have be an inspiration from asia. I too have a 150 pound no-maring quick release clamp just like him. Works like a charm! I will checkout his other videos.


    Just finished all three episodes in building a bow saw. I find it very interesting how he set the saw, seems like every other tooth is not set. I’m sure he explained why in Chinese. Lol

    Good video!

    Maurice Villari

    Great videos even without subtitles,thank you for sharing this gem.
    Seems like rough woodworking with very fine results. Not a LN or Veritas in sight.
    That’s what Paul would call real woodworking.


    This craftsman has a bunch of videos and some with subtitles. I’m actually very intrigued on his style and have been watching his other videos. It is rough woodworking with nice results. He talks about using traditional Chinese saws and how they perform just as good as western imports. Proof it’s not the tool, but the person using the tool. Makes me rethink wanting to buy expensive tools. Also, they way he uses hand planes and bow saws make me think there is definitely a continental European influence in his woodworking style.

    Thanks for sharing the videos!!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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