Chisel Recommendations?

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    Hi all

    Will be needing a new set of chisels soon, hopefully a set of 6 for somewhere around £50 though I can go slightly over.

    I don’t particularly like the look of the Narex 8101/8105 chisel sets which are I believe the best chisels in the price range. I do like the look of the 8116 Cabinetmakers chisels but they are quite thin which I think may make them not very good all rounders for chopping mortises and such?

    I’m looking for something with a nice handle shape, brass ferrules and good steel. Not sure why I care about the look so much, for some reason I just do lol


    Are you sure they are thinner than the 8105? They look very similar to my 8105’s, which have proved robust enough. The edge thickness is reduced near the handle, but the thickness through the bulk if the bladelooks similar.


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    Yes I believe the thickness throughout the middle of the blade is similar but towards the edges it tapers off to almost nothing as far as I can see. Not sure if that will make a difference in mortising or robustness.


    The big difference between them seem to be the handle really. I like the 8105s for the better striking surface, but I don’t think there should be much blade performance difference.

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    I have the Narex mortise chisels with the ugly handle. One day I may re handle them to match my ashley iles chisels but tbh I don’t see the handle when using the chisels so it isn’t high on my priority list.


    Personally i prefer the oval handles … helps me know if i’m remaining square when the chisel starts twisting in the wood when chopping a mortise.

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    Thanks for the help guys. Actually, I’ve taken a slightly different route and decided to to restore some old vintage chisels. Now just to find a good set on eBay 🙂 most of them seem to be firmer chisels which is strange as I thought the bevel edged would have been the most common. Apparently not it seems.


    No the firmers were the regular all rounders and thus more common and the bevel edged were more expensive (extra manufacturing operations) – thus didn’t sell as well and are less common on the secondhand market. Try to avoid sets – usually cheaper to get single chisels and build a range of chisels that way.


    I actually got lucky with that. I won a set of 11 chisels for £46, then afterwards the seller messaged me and said he’s including another two chisels for free. Bargain! A set of Narex Cabinetmakers chisels is £70 odd for six. I just got 13 for £46 🙂

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