Chisel set on Ebay: “GREBSTK”


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    Sidney Earnest

    A seller on Ebay called “GREBSTK” is offering a set of chisels which looks a lot like the Aldi chisels Mr. Sellers used to recommend. The set of 4 with a zipper pouch sells for $41.51 with free shipping. I think I saw the same chisels without pouch for less.
    Does anyone have experience with these and/or the vendor?


    I have no clue about that eBay seller. However, I have two sets of WorkZone (Aldi) chisels without a pouch. My son bought me both sets. I’ve been using one, and really like them. However I do have one set in a package never opened. I don’t know what the rules here are about selling stuff, but if its allowed maybe we could figure out a way for me to send the unopened one to you. It would basically cost you shipping. And if it would make it easier, I could also sell them on eBay and send you the link. eBay would cost a bit more since eBay will charge me as a seller. NOTE: I do NOT want to violate any rules this forum has! 🙂



    There may already be something in the guidelines about buying/selling on this forum.

    Why not ask Joseph Sellers?
    He usually replies promptly….. though I can already anticipate his answer.

    Thomas Brown

    Look alike sets of wooden handled chisels often appear on Ebay, whether they are any good or not you would have to buy them and see.
    This is the latest offering I’ve seen today:

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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