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    Dave C

    Looking to start some projects that would be a lot easier with a plough plane for some tongues/grooves, and a rebate plane for some other parts.

    Would it be easier just to go for a combination plane (either an old stanley or new veritas depending what I can find) which can do both of those jobs?

    Or is there some advantage to going for 2 separate planes here?

    Larry Geib

    Since there is no sole ahead of a combination plane cutter, rebates tend to be rougher and you need to pay more attention to grain direction.

    Also, two planes means fewer setups.

    The main reason to get a combo plane instead of a plough is that you can cut beads, Reeds, and flutes as well as grooves.

    Peter Gaffney

    As long as your rebate plane has a nicker and a depth stop in it two planes might be better than one. My Record 050A has a T&G cutter, reed cutters, depth stop, and straight cutters, but it also has a scoring spur/nicker on either side for fillisters. If I have to go from T&G to rebates right away I would rather have two planes ready to go as Larry said above. If you are doing them separately then I’d rather have the combination plane.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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