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    Is it just me or is complaining on the rise in WWMC? Video is too long, video is too short. Video didn’t show how Paul Sellers brews his tea which is an integral part of how he works, therefore students aren’t getting what they’re paying for. Video didn’t show stock preparation even though multiple other videos go into stock prep in detail. What gives?

    I have been a member of WWMC since early 2015 and was always amazed at how cordial and respectful the comments and forums were. Now the evil internet trolls seem to have infected a once informative and respectful forum.

    Complaints about woodworking videos should be directed in private email to WWMC, not out loud and in public in the forums.

    David B

    Here here! I guess with greater popularity comes a greater attraction of marginal critics. The team at WWMC puts out high-quality material that they can stand behind and be proud of. They’ve made changes here and there where appropriate to satisfy some of the more reasonable criticisms (fast forwarding through repetitive joinery or just skipping some of it). If anything, the production value has gone up, not down. I think they’re doing it just right.


    I completely agree. I still don’t think there is any other woodworking teaching on the internet that comes close to WWMC.


    I don’t see what there is to complain about. This is the only online class I know of that’s worth the price and I feel you get more than what you pay for here.


    I for one have nothing but praise for Woodworking Master Class. This web site is a great value. I feel that I have gained years (if not decades) of experience because of the detail in the project videos. In just less than 1 year, I have built Paul’s workbench, 9 clocks, 1 rocking chair, 3 chess boards, 10+ dovetail caddy boxes, 4 of the dovetail boxes with lids, 5 canes, 4 sets of bookends, 6 sets of coasters, a sofa table, and I am now working on my second keepsake box.

    Keep up the great work!

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    Debra J

    I think this is a great site, great community, awesome content. You can feel the love that the WWMC team puts into everything. It reminds me of n2ncu.org, lots of work goes on behind the scenes and it’s all for a greater purpose.

    So, instead of ccomplaining about complainers, let’s go make something good!

    - Debra J


    I’ve been a member here since 2015 and I’ve built many of the projects on this site. I have no complaints about the content or the instruction. When I find an error I take it the source and Paul’s team