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    Tom Davies

    Now the evil internet trolls seem to have infected a once informative and respectful forum.

    This is an absurd thing to say, sorry.

    Tom Davies

    Yes, I think it’s perfectly legitimate as a paying customer to indicate what sort of content you would like. This is not complaining, or disrespectful. I don’t like the way that people who make valid comments like these get hounded and dismissed. That is what is disrespectful. The “trolls” are people such as the one who started this thread.

    Doug Finch

    FWIW, I’ve taken the last several videos (after the blanket chest) as filler video while they get the new shop completed. When you have paying customers, they won’t wait idle while you get your affairs in order. You have to give them something. I believe one of them was even recycled material (saw horses).

    That being said, I want something more in-depth as well. Someone mentioned a bed – sounds interesting. I’m patient and respect a video on how to make a fly swatter, but I’m not interested in that. I want something that is pertinent to my interests.

    I think feedback can be a great thing to help move a product in the right direction. It isn’t always a great thing, but it can be.

    Get the new shop space finished, bank up some filming hours – produce, and we’re back on track.

    David B

    I can understand both points of view here (though I do think some of the recent criticisms have come across a bit too harsh). I’ve been woodworking for all of 2 years now and am still quite in the novice camp (but I only have the ability to devote a few hours a week to it). There are some 35,000 active members (though obviously not all are paying subscribers). I agree that Paul could teach some more advanced (non-rectangular) skills which would help with more “advanced” pieces. That said, he has offered plenty of more advanced skills (as well as offering several different methods to achieve them) throughout many projects (the tool chest, tool cabinet and rocking chair projects, which I’ve never tackled, seem extremely advanced to me–certainly to achieve the level of squareness and flawlessness that Paul is able to show and has many features.

    I look at the projects sort of in a Karate Kid/Miyagi fashion. Paul is teaching you the skills you need in order to make all sorts of things but he is showing these skills in projects that are imminently doable with a limited set of tools–Daniel didn’t realize he was learning more advanced Karate when he was waxing the car or painting the fence–seemingly mundane activities. However it was all about mastering the techniques… What you then do with those skills after you master them is up to you–you should be able to design and execute more advanced projects as you see fit if you have truly attained that level of skill and mastery over the techniques he has taught. Also, have we considered that these may be the kinds of furniture and projects that Paul likes to make? I’m not familiar with much of his work outside of this site save for the piece he has in the White House–is there any video of that project that some paying members might enjoy seeing?

    Some of these skills seem so basic (chopping a through mortise in a sofa table), but getting it perfectly square with multiple seamless joints and no tear-out, while seating perfectly flush…frankly it blows my mind every time that it can seem so easy but I can’t get anywhere close to that level of perfection.

    Just a thought but maybe the team at WWMC could encourage a bit of creativity within the site–perhaps once a quarter or so Paul/Team could challenge the subscribers to create a piece of furniture. No instructions, no videos other than an intro that says what the challenge is and some suggested features–and then have members voluntarily participate and submit their finished projects for the community to see. Maybe that would give some of the more advanced members a chance to “show their chops” while adding a bit of creative inspiration to the rest since there won’t be a prototype that everyone is trying to match? Just a thought.


    I think the recent criticism about the sofa server was too harsh, why doesn’t the complainer make it, the project demands very high levels of accuracy and it won’t fit together unless it’s perfectly square. When you stop learning or think you already know everything, that’s when you are doomed.

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