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    Dave C

    I think Paul says in the video series the he uses those large visible bolts to attach the aprons to the legs to make it easier to disassemble the workbench.

    But then later on, he uses a screw and plug above it to attach the apron to the leg again, and then screws the leg rails to the top as well.

    Am I missing something about why the large bolt was used instead of just screwing and plugging? Since it looks like all screws need to be removed to disassemble anyway.

    I’ll need to move by bench a few months after making it, so ust trying to make sure I don’t build something I can’t get out of the room…

    robert nixon

    Yea the screw and plug was more for completeness I think, but to be honest I us d those four bolts, 6 lag screws (2 in apron, 2 in top, and two through both) for the vise and my bench is solid from the vise clamping everything to hold itself in. And best part about this is that I can pull all 10 out and in broken down into two aprons, two sets of legs, a bench top and a wellboard.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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