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    I have trouble with coping saws. When I try to cut a curve with one, I get a different curve on the front face of the piece vs. the backside. I can cope trim acceptably, so maybe this is just for longer curves although sometimes after only an inch of cutting I’ll start to be off. The saw is straight, the blade isn’t twisted. There’s something my hands, eyes, and ears are missing. Any hints or suggestions?

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    Salko Safic


    That’s because your sawing isn’t parallel with the work so angle your saw slightly in the opposite direction and keep doing that till you get it right.
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    Matt McGrane


    I feel you pain – I have trouble with that, too. On some cuts, you can use a two-handed grip. That has helped me to saw straighter.

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    I have found it helps to have a sharp blade appropriate for the wood/ cuts as well, and develop a rhythym, i was forceful/stabbing on the forward stroke and i think the force caused some stray. Thats my thoughts anyway.

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    I had problems also and figured out blades play a big part in it. But like anything practice,practice, practice. I was gifted a Knew Concept coping saw mad out of aluminum and that is one sweet saw. They are pricey like $95 or so but it is a great saw.


    Steve Massie, I live in the great State of Florida, US

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