Cracked Blade of My #4 1/2 While Flattening the Back

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    Sorry to hear about your blade Matt.
    Thank-you for sharing this warning, allowing us all to learn from this.
    Although you’ve lost one blade, you’ve no-doubt saved many more.


    Did you swear?


    I got the new Hock blade and chip breaker in the mail Wednesday evening. It took me about a half hour to flatten the back and hone the bevel. It’s not yet singing like I had hoped. I think I still need to do some work on the plane to get it working well.

    I had the same trouble with my Hock blade and it is almost always operator error. Once I got the blade truly sharp the plane needs fettling because the Hock irons and chip breaker are noticeably thicker and require resetting the plane to compensate for that thickness.

    Matt McGrane

    @oltexasboy – I’ve gotten the Hock blade to work fine now, Michael. But like you said the plane needed a bit more fettling. I’m thinking lately that after a few years of use, I should look back at all my older planes to make sure the soles are flat, mouths are set properly, frogs are flat and mate well with the body, etc. I just noticed the other day that the sole of the #6 that I use for shooting end grain is not flat. I’ve got to work on that and re-look at my other planes now that I’ve got a few years under my belt and know much better what to look for. I’d urge all of us to do the same if we haven’t re-fettled our planes since we were new to this.

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Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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