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    Hi all

    I’ve completed a little box, nothing special. Except this one is a mix from two of my tinkering pass times.
    Ever since high school I’ve been amusing myself with electronics, building and designing small projects mostly audio related. And smoking a lot of stuff too…

    Only a few years ago I got bugged with the hand tool woodworking beetle.

    So while I’m still in my dovetails phase I decided to build a little box for a project that I’ve made about 10 years ago.
    It turned out nice eventually, but it’s been hard to work out how to do the connectors in 1/2 in. sides. (For some strange reason these aren’t designed for anything bigger than 1/4 in…

    I tried to design the box using the whole number approach, using only a ruler, square and dividers. I really like the way you can get a nice looking proportion even for such a simple thing as a box. And almost no chance to screw up a measurement.

    See if anyone can guess the function of the device..

    Box is finished with 4 coats of shellac.





    Cross over for a stereo system. Don’t forget to let the heat out. Assuming you run enough juice through it to get it hot.


    @mxbroome1 : close, but not quite. Heat isn’t much of a problem it takes up only 3W, all parts are cool to the touch. Not so in the first version though.

    : thanksss

    I’ll let the guessing game continue for a while longer, see if there are similar nerds like me.


    I’ve worked with electronics all my life, but not audio related. I have to give up on this one unless I see some more details on of the electronics.

    You just wrote in my thread that your mortice and tenons looked like they’ve been chewed by rats. Looking at these super nice dove tail joints I find it hard to believe unless there really are rats chewing on them. If they do look like you say, you should start hunting for rats in your workshop.



    Actually it’s a balun which takes a balanced audio signal and turns it into a single ended one, with audio power on/off control for remote use with a power amp. Kind of useful if I want to run an amp remotely in the back of my garden.

    And about my mortices I’m beginning to understand why it’s better not to use through hole m&t joints in pine.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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