Dawn No.10 Vice Installation query on paul sellers style work bench

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    Hello all,

    My new workbench is nearing completion and I was about to install the vice. But I am not sure if I am installing it correctly and I am also worried that the vice jaws are angled outwards.

    The second hand Dawn quick release vice I have has angled metal struts on the back (see attached image).

    The only way I can see of installing it is to chisel out two angled troughs out of the bench top to accommodate these struts. (a labelled image is attached) Is this normal? All the other vice installation articles on the web seem to use vices that don’t have these angled struts.

    Also the vice jaws angle outwards and have a gap at the top when fully closed. Is this a problem or could I plane the wooden insert for the vice on an angle to counteract this?

    I am wondering if it might be better to purchase a new Groz quick release vice.

    Any advice would be much appreciated.


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    See link for some starter info on the gap issue, and as far as the two struts if that is the way the vice is built then i dont think you have a choice. Make the cutouts no wider than neccessary and you are on to getting closer to making.

    Ontario, Canada



    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for the advice.

    I had a feeling that that there was no other way but to make some cutouts.

    It is also good to know I can adjust the Vice tow in issues.




    Hello Malcolm
    On my Bench I did a full Out cut and the Vice is screwn directly under the Bench top sheet. This works best for me, see Photos.



    I had those gussets on my woden 189b, and just chisel’d out some corresponding channels in my bench aprons to accommodate

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