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    Pine and walnut, some hand tools: old and new.
    Support from the wife))
    And a lot of love to what you doing.
    Short recipes of happiness.
    Thank you guys for posting your projects and helping me with moving my.
    I smile to my wood, and my wood smile back to me.
    Let’s start another one.
    Thank you Paul.

    Toronto, Canada

    Mark Armstrong

    Superb job Serhiy. 😉
    That looks spot on pine and walnut go well together.

    Dagenham, Essex, England

    John Meaney

    That looks amazing, well done Serhiy.

    Anything I make will be better next time.


    Wow, impressive work. A tool box that will last for over a hundred years I am sure. Leaving apart of ourselves through our work, long after we have left this world somehow gives me comfort. Just curious, did you use solid wood panels for the drawer bottoms? In all of my projects requiring drawers I tell myself I will use solid wood for the bottoms, only to give in to weakness and use plywood, hahah.

    "I love the smell of wood shavings in the morning, nothing in the world smells like that. It smells like (slight pause)" victory"".

    Greg Merritt

    Serhiy it looks fantastic! The walnut really sets it off. It’s obvious that you poured yourself into this build. Congratulations.

    John Moore

    Beautiful job! Your wood is smiling, it is hard not to see that. Enjoyed the photos.

    Lakeland, Florida USA


    Thank you all for the kind words.
    Thank you Greg for the advice with the top))
    John, I’m working with the rough lumber, trying to minimize cost of projects. I only used birch plywood for the top compartment bottom, and reason for that is wood movement. I think if I used solid wood I had to make grooves in the walls to allow for wood’s seasonal changes. Yes, I made those thin panels for drawers bottoms, hand tools only.I even wove a rope instead of buying brass chain, trying to learn something new)
    Thanks again guys))

    Toronto, Canada

    david o’sullivan

    very nice,you should be proud of that

    "we can learn what to do, by doing" Aristotle


    Absolutely beautiful. You should be very proud. I hope when I tackle that project it looks half as nice.

    Jim Allen

    Serhiy,That box is just too nice to use. Beautiful job! You are a real craftsman!

    Jim from the mythical State of Jefferson – Oregon side

    John Poutier

    Serhiy – you sure have set a high bar for the rest of us! Superb craftsmanship that you can take pride in. And I’m sure Paul would be pleased.

    Yorktown, Virginia


    Fantastic job, congratulations, liked it a lot.
    Very well made and finished.
    And the wood combination is quite pleasing.


    Wow you should be very happy with the results there Serhiy, gorgeous fit and finish. Well done sir!!

    Ontario, Canada

    Martin McColl

    Serhiy, you have crafted an excellent tool chest, a great exhibition of combining what you have learnt with the pleasure of doing. Well Done! The results clearly show you were up to the challenge.

    Martin ... Tucson, Arizona, USA.

    Steve Follis

    Very nice job Serhiy! That is a great job! Congratulations!

    Memphis, Tennessee

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 32 total)
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