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    Chris Bunney

    Hi all,

    I am thinking about buying the same EZE-Lap stones that Paul uses (3″x8″ coarse, medium and super fine).

    They are quite expensive though – however I notice that they do some double-sided diamond stones. I was looking in particular at the EZE-Lap 3″ x 8″ Medium/Superfine stone:

    Has anyone use these? Are they any good, or are they are poor comporomise and I should save up to buy all 3 as single stones?


    Chris - Exeter, UK

    Joe Kaiser

    I haven’t but the 3 stones are very convenient. You can just move from one to the next without the need to stop and turn a stone over.

    Seattle, WA


    The single sided ones that Paul uses is 0.25 inch thick steel… no way is it moving while you sharpen. The item you linked is 2 thin sheets of metal attached to a plastic base … while i haven’t had this exact item in hand, i suspect it would flex with use. That being said, if you mount it on a solid base it should be fine.

    Keep in mind that while it is a hefty initial investment it will last for many years.

    New Brunswick, Canada

    David R.

    I have two similar two sided stones, but they are only 2″ wide. I would definitely go for the one-sided (and wider) ones next time, despite the cost. Sharpening really should be as convenient as possible, so you’re not tempted not to sharpen. It’s also a time saver in the long run, since you can sharpen one iron through all grits without putting it aside and go through all your chisels in no time.
    I don’t know about the EZ ones, but my stones are not too thin, I don’t think there’s a chance of them moving noticeably.


    from Germany

    Chris Bunney

    Thank you all for the replies.
    It sounds like the general opinion is that the single sided, thicker stones are worth the investment!

    Annoyingly, there seems to be a bit of a stock issue with the EZE-Lap stones here in the U.K.

    I might actually order them from the US as even with the shipping and import tax they work out slightly cheaper (which is totally wrong, but what can you do?!)

    Cheers all.

    Chris - Exeter, UK

    John Meaney


    You could try based in Germany. I found their service excellent but I don’t know about the price comparison


    Anything I make will be better next time.

    Joe Kaiser
    Chris Bunney

    Hi jotato,
    Yes – I saw those on Amazon, but I am in the U.K.
    Amazon U.K. dont have as wide a selection of stones and there seems to be stock problems recently!

    I might end up ordering from the U.S.


    Chris - Exeter, UK

    Philip Adams

    We’ve got the double sided ones in the workshop as well, and they do seem to work as well. We’ve used them quite a bit and they seem to be wearing fine. I am considering getting a double sided with 250 one side and 1200 the other to take with me if I am doing jobs, but it is nice to have the three if you’re planning on doing a lot of woodwork.

    The Ezelap UK supplier is:

    But as you mentioned, they have had a bit of a problem keeping up. Think they do pretty much the whole range though!

    I work alongside Paul to plan and produce the videos for Woodworking Masterclasses

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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