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    Hi All
    Just making wood shavings and loving it,
    : )
    The box has a different layout for each corner, all four are different.
    Took me a while to figure out how to layout, starting with the pins, I like making the pin board first,
    If you look closely, you can see I have one side with 1/2 pins and the other starts with a 1/2 tail.
    Is there a right and wrong way to make these ?

    David B

    Yes–plan your layout in advance and apply it consistently to all sides. If you know how many pins/tails you want, there is also a geometric trick that Paul uses to ensure proper spacing. This is probably a good video for you to reference.



    Thank You


    it’s worth investing in some dividers, that’s how I do it, then use a dovetail template, the one that paul makes.

    I also think about different possibilities, for example on a drawer for a jewellery box, it’s not about strengh as much as a toolbox, or chest of drawers, you can create too many tails if you are not careful and they end up looking a bit thin and out of proportion, it’s all about balance, the best way is always to learn through experience, the more you do, the more confident you get.

    good luck!


    Hello, I don’t know what you mean by dividers ?
    I have been trying to make dovetails everyday, gaining some momentum, still experimenting with the pitch. For Some reason I had pretty good success with a 1:4 ratio, Just order some diamond sharpening stones eze lap 250, 600 and 1200
    I may have ruined my soft Arkansas Stone, using windshield washer fluid, instead of window cleaner.

    Fred Love

    A simple tool much like a pencil compass that you would use to draw circles. But without the pencil. Two metal sticks with pointy ends, hinged together at the top and typically a spring and screw mechanism at the top for adjustment.

    I tried posting a link and it didn’t seem to work. I’ll try again. You might find this useful (if the link works):

    And this:

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    Ah, Those kind of dividers, lol, must be getting punchy. i actually don’t have a set yet,
    Thank You

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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