Draw bore for leg mortises?

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    Reid Stamer

    Would using a drawbore to attach the legs to the rail be a reasonable thing to do? I don’t have a lot of faith in my clamps and I was hoping this would help.

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    SmokyRick Crawford


    I certainly can’t see any reason it shouldn’t work. Just realize that it would be a permanent joint. That won’t come apart for moving day.!

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    Reid Stamer


    Great! I’m new to this whole woodworking thing so having some confirmation is much appreciated. These are the first mortise and tenons I’ve cut and they are a little sloppy, so I’m hoping the drawboring helps the joints to seat a little better.



    yes draw bore pins work very well, I really like them, they are really useful in all sorts of applications, and they look good as well, sometimes a piece of furniture looks better with them than without.

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