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    Not sure everyone got the word, especially those outside the US, but EBay was hacked. You need to go in a change your EBay password pronto.

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    Thank you! I went and changed mine.



    Although changing your password is definitely advisable, you should also be vigilant for fake or spurious-looking emails, particualrly from companies like Paypal and ebay.

    Cyber-criminals still need some way of engaging you and getting you to act on information they send you. Phishiing and spam are likely suspects. Whenever you get email purporting to be from any company, log-on to the account by typing the address directly into the browser, this way you kow you’re going to the genuine site and can see if they have indeed sent you any communication.


    Good Advice Franco. I get briefed on computer security quit often and one of the things that has helped me is to not open anything that is un expected. Even from friends. If my friends send me something that I wasn’t expecting, I call them to make sure. And for sure, never send personal passwords or banking information by email.

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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