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    Today I opened my free copy of Essential Woodworking Techniques The complete video collection. There was a time when this would have been very interesting to me and I would have poured over it with enthusiasm and excitement. There was a guy on the outside cover using a bevel edged chisel so I stuck it in the computer to watch. Every chapter was about how to set up your table saw, or your router, or several other pieces of equipment. Although I didn’t watch any of it I would bet the guy on the cover wasn’t even in any of them…. Oh well, out to the shop to work on my sofa table.. It’s going to be a good day!

    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

    Albert Einstein


    I get the same type feelings when I see Saturday morning lineups on the PBS type shows, I’m just not that interested in how it’s done with power.

    Ontario, Canada


    I used to watch Norm Abram and marvel at the joinery but think ‘I wish he would show us how to do that with hand tools’. Not that Norm ever would, bless him.

    Thankfully we now have great resources on-line to show us the way.

    Mark Armstrong

    Sorry for this got carried away just thought a little relevant to power tool use.
    I’m sort of following a young lad of 15 on facebook and he dose the odd YouTube video he is actually making fence panels and makes bit of a living from it. He has made a statement that he wants to become the best carpenter joiner there is. Most of the stuff he post are about what power tool he will get next and alike.
    I think he goes to college and he has posted some hand made joints which I think are the first time he ever attempted. The joints he has shown are far from perfect but good efforts. He posted some mortise and tenons the other day I said that’s a bit more like it.
    Nice bit of encouragement using hand tools.
    I sometimes wish I could shake him and say to him learn your hand tool technics first if you want to be the best.
    The lad is doing quite well making his fence panels. He has a lot of go in him love to see him do well.
    It just seems like power tools are the be all and end all.
    When I left school in 83 I done city & guilds carpentry & joinery all hand tools. Then I worked for a small building firm. The carpenter I worked with mainly used hand tools with the odd exception of a hammer drill and very rarely the circular skill saw would come out.
    When we done stud work we over set our Disston’s and use of some candle wax on saw plate so we could get through timber because it was so wet.
    Hung doors with chisels no.4 or 5 plane brace and bits .Also cut letter box hole brace and bit and chisels sloping back edge of hole so letters would slide in. No electric routers or jigsaw used back then.
    How things have changed in just 30 years.
    I have all Manner of power tools but if I could do by hand I would pick that choice first. I’m a little old school.
    Sorry I went off on one blaming it on my back pain. 🙁

    Dagenham, Essex, England

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