Film with Louis Chiorino

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    Nice film with Louis Chiorino. All in French but the pictures are in English….

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    Chris Bunney


    What an inspiring film! From tree to window frame with everything in-between!

    Some of his wooden planes are works of art themselves.

    I also appreciate the French culture of stopping for a well earned glug of vin rouge! Mind you – the last time I did that, I slipped with my knife afterwards and badly cut my finger. Alcohol and sharp tools don’t mix! I see he is missing one finger – maybe he has also suffered post vin rouge accident?!

    Thanks for sharing the video.


    Chris - Exeter, UK



    Great! Thanks for sharing. Incredibly skilled man. Are windows glued-up in France traditionally? I always thought they were just pegged for ease of repair.
    I could easily spend a week in his shop just admiring all his tools. The saw sharpening vise for example and all those planes and saws. Even the glue-cracker looks like furniture. He knows every single bump of his grinding wheel by its name. Thanks again.

    I enjoy working wood in Germany.

    Brian O’Connor


    That was fantastic. Made me want to be a 17-year-old again, so I could apprentice with that master. Of course, I’d need to learn French first.



    The apprentice holds the work, while the master planes, right next to his fingers.
    I’d rather have the wisdom of years!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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