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    Finally finished.

    Matt McGrane

    And a hearty congratulations to you! That chest looks fantastic. May I ask what it is made of?

    Matt, Northern California - Started a blog in 2016:


    Tasmanian oak

    Thomas Z

    Wow, looks really great.
    Was this doe to the exact dimensions mentioned in the materials ?
    If so, how much of total height (e.g. for planes) do you have inside the lid ?

    Thanks, Thomas



    From memory it’s the exact dimensions from the video. I had difficulty getting the lid level so I ended up with less room under the lid. My planes have to lie on their side

    Thomas Z

    Thanks for the quick reply. I will adjust the dimensions accordingly, so I can stand up my planes.


    I remember someone having that same problem a long while ago. He was asking for the height needed in the lid top-section to allow for planes he planned to buy at a later date. He’d already discovered his plane was taller than the lid allowed for.
    Of course Plane-Irons govern how much height you’ll need – newer irons needing more room than fifty-year-old vintage ones which are worn down quite a bit.
    I think perhaps the plans for this project may be specifying too little clearance.
    Take into account that most of use will also lose a bit getting it level, as Tom has done.
    I think the plans should have allowed for this. I’d add at least half-an-inch to the height of a full-length iron.


    When I made mine I allowed 6″ so could loose a bit in levelling if needed but still my 4.5’s iron brushes the underside of the lid. Pauls design is good just needed a bit more height for my tools.

    Bloody good work there mate, that wood is lovely.


    Jim Allen

    Tom, That’s a fine looking box! You can show that off with pride in workmanship! I may have to build one of those just to show it off.

    Jim from the mythical State of Jefferson – Oregon side


    I know I am late but that is one stunning looking chest, very finely made!

    Harvey Kimsey

    Very nice work!


    Edit: Just realized how late I am to this thread. Perhaps it’s useful to someone else though

    Looks like a really fine toolbox!

    Here’s my plan for a deeper lid section and a somewhat modified tool chest. I’ve gone off the piste quite a bit with my design such as 3 drawers and half pins etc. Mostly because of the dimensions of the board that will make the back and sides. All being well I’ll end up with 5 5/8″ deep on the top, which covers my #6 and #4 1/2. The 1 7/8″ drawer is a bit skinny but will fit squares etc quite nicely I’m hoping.

    I just finished dimensioning the top, side and front this evening.

    Best regards,

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