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    Jim Braun

    After finishing the workbench I started on the Dovetail boxes and I am pleased with how they came out even if they aren’t perfect. Pictured are boxes 2-4, box number 1, a shaker candle box, was a casualty of cutting on the wrong side of the line and was reconfigured into the pencil box.

    Learned a lot on this project and the last box is better than the first:

    1. Make sure that you cut on the waste side of the dovetail.
    2. Even if it looks smooth it might not be, the shellac has a way of magnifying defects.
    3. There is a learning curve to shellac; although if I had done a little research ahead of time I would have known to thin the Zinsser seal coat (3lb cut) to a 1 lb cut and saved myself some sanding.
    4. All manner of marks including blood stains can be removed with a Stanley number 4!

    Monmouth County, New Jersey


    Congrats jimb..I am in the infancy of my exploration and hope to start my journey into the projects soon. I like the way you took the failed project and made it something else. If I read correctly.

    George Fulford

    Looking good, Jimb! Much better looking than my first dovetails 🙂 Keep it up!