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    I have built a bench based on the design in Paul’s book and I am at the stage of fitting the vice.
    The hole is cut and the vice fits nicely, which is a relief, but I can’t get access to put coach screws into the front holes as they are inside the front apron.

    Should I just put the two back ones in as it looks like Paul has done in his book or do I need to cut out a load more from the apron. It’s not clear from the book. It seems to me that not putting those bolts in would put a lot of pressure on the back two but then again cutting more from the apron might weaken it. Also the book makes no mention of it and I can’t see it in any photos.

    Any experience of this? What have other people done?


    I put in the 2 back screws and 2 in the rear jaw (through the jaw liner). Plenty solid to me…

    New Brunswick, Canada


    Thanks Barry. I have gone with that. Glad to have it finally in place. Looking forward to using it today.



    Had same issue with mine, used two back bolts and two through front. Been disassembled a few times too and have not had any issues. Still solid. Brian

    Ontario, Canada

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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