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    Michael Bennett

    Hi there,

    First time post, thought I might ask about a real world problem I need to fix with some wood.

    I have some floorboards, pine and a clear varnish on them and they have had a floor protection mat (one of those heavy plastic things to stop chair wheels making marks) but the spikes on it underneath have left a set of dents in the top of the wood.

    Would anyone have any ideas on how to fix/repair them? They are all quite shallow so I was thinking of a few options.

    1. Some kind of wood filler and then a small amount of varnish on top again?
    2. Sand it down, but I think this is riskier to get the colour correct again
    3. Fill the dents with some kind of neutral epoxy or varnish?

    I guess this is in general too, how to make repairs without having to treat the rest of the board?

    Thanks so much in advance


    Harold Smith

    I just started going through the threads on the board, so I am just now seeing your post…a few months late. The dents and their repair are going to depend on how long they’ve been present in the floor and how much force was used to create them. I’ve used the iron and damp cloth trick a few times and it works pretty good. But this was on boards that received dings in the process of building the project. I am afraid that hardwood flooring may not be so forgiving and the only option open to you would be to sand and refinish.

    Michael Bennett

    No worries,

    I use wood filler but it wasn’t a great result. In the end i think sanding back will be the only solution but we can live with until that point.

    It was a softer pine floor plank so I think if it was a hardwood it wouldn’t have been so bad.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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