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    Some days you make mistake after mistake. Today I finished making a coat rack from Walnut. It’s just a bevelled board with some aluminium hooks. Nothing fancy. Pictures will come later.

    I decided to drill 6 holes for this 3’4″ (3 foot and 4 inches if the notation is right) board. Two at each end and 2 in the middle. First mistake: I bored 1 hole in the wrong place. Missed the mark so to speak. Because of this the 2 holes did not align. Annoying.
    When mounting the coat rack to the wall I noticed that it was enough to use 4 screws instead of 6. So the middle holes where unnecessary, mistake 2.
    I made some plugs and when tapping them in, I forgot to watch the grain. Mistake 3.
    I had to remove them but that didn’t go well. I had to drill them out. Of course when done I realized I could have tapped them out from the back. Sort of mistake 4.
    Finally I used a flush cutting saw to remove the exposed plug and made some ugly scratches, mistake 5.

    I finished this coat rack with 2 coats of sanding sealer, 3 coats of waterborne varnish an 1 coat of wax. Now I have to plane the surface again to remove the scratches en to smooth out the plugs. I guess that means I have to redo the finish, starting with the shellac. Am I right? Or can I scrape locally and apply the finish only to part of the board?

    Long story.


    Hi Michael, I’ve had one of those days buddy. For me I would remove everything, plane the surface and start over, but thats just the way I would do it.

    Good luck with it buddy. ๐Ÿ˜‰


    Would you scrape first then plane or just plane?

    Mark Armstrong

    I agree with Ken it is not that big of a board.
    I have days like that all the time. At least you know of your mistakes and you now know how to get out of them. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Dagenham, Essex, England


    Michael if It was me doing it, I would remove the wax with wire wool and thinners, I would scrape as much of the finish off as I could, then I would plane it up. As I said thats just the way I would do it.

    I hope this helped ๐Ÿ˜‰


    Thanks Ken. I applied the wax today so may be it will come off easily.


    Michael, the wax should come off with no problems buddy

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