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    My second and third clocks are made from quarter sawn white oak. The wood came from a friend of mine who asked me in the early spring to remove this big oak tree from her horse paddock. We fell the tree and then used a chainsaw mill to slab the last 7′ of the tree. (Straightest grain) I figured it would be a nice Christmas gift (although a bit late) to make each person involved (owner of tree and friend who helped mill) a clock from the very same slab of wood from a tree they helped take down.

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    Nice project from start to finish.
    The clocks look terrific, congrats.

    Matt McGrane


    Looks really great, Jon. I love the way those bead details shine. A fine gesture on your part – they’ll love the clocks.

    Matt, Northern California - Started a blog in 2016:

    Gerry Humeny


    The clocks are absolutely perfect! You are a true Craftsman.

    Greg Merritt


    Those are very nice and the back story is something special. Awesome full-circle.

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