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    Greg Merritt

    I’ve been a member of Masterclasses since the beginning and learned early on that we all will make modifications to the series projects. We use different woods, finishes, embellish and simplify to suit our tastes. We also construct our own projects outside of the series, we are woodworkers after all. Masterclasses is now over three thousand members so imagine the resource that the Gallery could become if we all submitted our projects. A one stop source for ideas, inspiration and reflection. I recently submitted all of my work since day one to the Gallery, the good, bad and ugly, in hopes to continue the growth of what I think will become a very useful resource for us all.
    Please submit photos of your work so that we all may benefit.

    Thank you,
    Greg Merritt


    Nice post Greg, all very true. It’s a great place for Inspiration, I have a couple of projects in there, and its great to see what other members have made, and how they made it their own.

    Greg Merritt

    Thanks Ken…your DVD cabinet and workbench are good examples of what I’m taking about. If 10% of us post our workbench builds, 300 examples, imagine how helpful that would be to someone getting ready to build their first workbench. Now extend that out over a few more years…wow!

    david o’sullivan

    great idea Greg .just had a look in the gallery .man you have been busy .really wonderful stuff, how on earth did you do the carvings on spoons and box they are really wonderful. my problem is that while i have made some stuff in the past, compare to the teachings with paul have been clobbered together .what i really struggle with is design and layout ,i am fine once i see it done but there are times where i have nice ideas but can get them on paper.anyway i will get the camera out . .

    "we can learn what to do, by doing" Aristotle


    I can only agree Greg. Lets hope more members post there projects in the gallery, we have some talented members on here.


    Way to go David 😉

    Greg Merritt

    Thanks David. The more we see the more we will grow. Think about this…a year and a half ago what would have been the image in your head if someone said “wall clock”? Now what is the image?
    I was just winging on the carving on the box, the decoration on the spoons is called kolrosing, its really easy. I might do a post on it later.


    I agree Greg, I always enjoy looking through the gallery posts and regretfully haven’t posted anything yet..

    But I will do after I post this reply.



    Eddy Flynn

    great post Greg after all we are all here to learn .

    Eddy .. Liverpool, Merseyside, UK

    Steve Follis

    I think this is a great idea Greg, I have enjoyed seeing the items that everyone here has been making. It makes it a lot more fun, and it challenges and encourages each of us also. I still remember right after Paul’s books came out, I made my first dovetail marking guide and showed it to my kids, they thought I was nuts. But being able to show that here with encouragement from fellow woodworkers makes you feel proud of your accomplishment.

    I believe it also encourages Paul and Joseph, so they can see what their students have acheived. And it is a great place for new members to be able to see what can be learned with this program.

    Memphis, Tennessee


    Greg, I can’t emphasize enough how valuable the gallery examples are for those of us who join after the original build. I will be sure to post my every project.

    You never know what some one will learn from viewing your posts. Today I learned how to improvise a front vise using a hand screw while watching MartyBacke’s video for his CVG Fir Cabinet. This will extend the life of my current “bench” and give a much improved way to hold wood for joinery work. Off with the machinists vise tonight!

    i'd prefer to make it myself

    Greg Merritt

    Denise…I look forward to seeing photos of your projects. Sometimes seeing a project made from a different wood or just from a slightly different angle can clarify that whole project for someone.
    Thank you for being on board.

    Mark Armstrong

    I love seeing the Gallery with peoples work can give you inspiration for a project you want to tackle.
    I try and be a little different if I can.
    My biggest regret is I don’t have more to put in gallery.

    Dagenham, Essex, England

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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