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    George Bridgeman

    Dave you can buy it here …..

    As Ken mentioned, Classic Hand Tools is the place to go for all Lost Art Press titles. That’s where I got my copy of By Hand And Eye, & others. They get them in as soon as they can after release in the US. Also a great place to go for tools, hardware, saw files, DVDs, and other bits and pieces. It’s where I found Paul’s DVD course, which started me off on this whole adventure!


    "To know and not do is to not know"

    Dave Seamark

    Thanks guys… Greg, I did consider the digital version but I’m a real book person. Thanks for the link George & Ken… ive been searching most of the day for a UK seller. Much appreciated.

    I wish that what I know now, I knew when I was younger.

    Blackpool, Lancashire, England

    Greg Merritt

    I prefer books as well. Lost Art Press books are especially nice. Cloth covers and acid free paper and stitched spines. The way books used to be. Their books are actually heirloom quality.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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