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German, wooden planes

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    David Perrott

    Does anyone know about the German wooden planes? They have the front horn on them. I just picked one up at a flea market. This one, like all the ones I have come across, is a scrub plane. The iron is only 1 5/8 inches, and the sole is only 8 inches long. Were these originally all scrub planes or like P.S. said about scrub planes, over time the mouths just got larger? Were they originally smoothers? Germany had to have more than just scrub planes? This plane will come in handy but I’m curious about other traditional German wooden planes.


    Hi David!

    I’ve been studying a bit on “German planes”, I had a bit of help from Florian Eisele (@jfe1978 from this forum).
    There are 2 big German plane makers
    Ulmia –
    ECE –

    There is another maker not so famous, and until now I found no big recommendations about this brand.
    Pinie –

    In their web sites there are some infos about it.

    And by the way these kind of planes are usually called “continental planes” by the Brits but as far as my knowledge goes these style of planes were and still are used mostly in central and east Europe.


    Enjoy the learning path...!!


    I have all the “poor” series of ECE planes: those with the wedge and beech sole. Iron is good german steel not a Hock iron, but you can obtain a very sharp edge with good retaining. I have had to set the bed properly in order to have the correct bearing between blade and plane body. But it’s avery simple process, using a 3 mm sharp chisel or, better, a float. If you need othert informations about this “bedding2 process, write here!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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