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    Glue Ups, as in gluing boards together to make wider panels. Do you guys glue both sides of the joint, or just the one.

    I find a nice thin coat of glue on both edges, rubbed together and moderate clamping pressure dose a great job for me.

    Cheers 😉


    I’ve never really given it much thought, I confess, but I do both sides; it just seemed like the right way to do it. (Doesn’t mean it *is* however!) I suspect the true *right* way is whatever works for the individual, although with my limited experience, I could well be wrong. Different types of glue may dictate one vs. the other being preferred.

    Thus far gluing both has worked well for me. I wonder, however, if there might be a point where dimensions make this unpractical as longer boards may take too long to prepare both edges before the glue begins to dry.


    There is the old adage that you can never have too much glue on a board but then you have to clean up the squeeze out! I make a lot of cutting boards using laminated strips and have found that glue on just one strip is plenty as long as it is flat and clamped appropriately. Modern glues have revolutionized todays glue ups because of the incredible bonding properties inherent in the glue. But as Chris has said “whatever works and you are comfortable with” then do it. Paul teaches to glue just one board face for a panel for what it’s worth.

    Retired airPLANE driver. Learning a new lifestyle in woodworking is fantastic!

    Mark Armstrong

    One surface works just fine on laminating just remember to rub the boards together a little. Mortise and Tenon I usually put a bit in mortise as well as the Tenon and shoulders. Dovetails I just put around sockets and pins gets too messy if do around Tails as well.

    Dagenham, Essex, England


    Never had a problem gluing the tails. Yeah I remember to rub the boards together, as I said in my post. 🙂

    I’ll stick to gluing both edges, works for me. 😉


    I use more glue than Paul does and he would get on my case for it 🙂

    I use shavings like Paul does to clean up most of the squeeze out and have now started using a damp rag to clean up the rest of the glue. It works like a charm. No more sanding or clean up after the glue is dry. Very nice tip an old woodworker gave me.

    Nick dunbar

    Hi guys.I’ve been gluing up the top slabs for my workbench and am bemused by the selection of PVA glues- and the amazingly different prices.I’m in England so I’m just wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a brand that does the job but is reasonably priced.Saw one yesterday sold as “contractors’ glue” which was £12 for about 5 litres.I bought a litre for £6 and naturally it’s now nearly all gone!! Will post photo when finished.
    Happy New Year.

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