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    Hi everybody,

    I’m working on my first table and am very happy the Paul Sellers videos and this platform are available. I have decided to do a rebuild of a Grange coffee table, using the coffee table series as a guide. I’ve started with a prototype made from tulipwood. The lessons learned I’ll apply to the real version.

    Here’s the table I would like to make:

    All principles explained in the coffee table videos work like a charm, but when I get to the differences this table has, I start to wonder about a couple of things. If anyone wants to share some insight I would be very grateful.

    Here’s the table so far:

    As you can see in the attachments there’s a board below. I created a groove in the side beams and let the groove continue in the legs. But this weakens the mortise and tennons and is a lot of work. Here’s a picture of that:

    I suspect a better, much simpler solution exists. Does anyone have a better solution to place the board between the legs?

    I’ll update the post as soon as I gave the finished product.

    Thanks in advance and good luck to all the table builders!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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