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    Hi, I’m building the plate holder for my diamond sharpening stones. I’m using a cut off from an old tabletop in pine. When routing out the holes for the stones, the shavings are marring the wood around it. Now I realise I can easily clean this up by planing the wood afterwards, but when building nicer pieces of furniture I would like to avoid this. Anything I can do to prevent this? (Using a record 71).

    Larry Geib

    Is it the shavings or the router sole doing the damage?

    Are you using the thhroat closing shoe?


    It’s the shavings. No I was not using a throat closing shoe, I think my other router has one so will give that a try.

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    Steve Giles

    I work mainly in pine, so often get the same problem. I use a damp cloth to moisten the surface, which puffs up the grain again and eliminates the marring.

    If you use a plane to flatten the wood’s surface without first dampening it (wait for it to dry first, of course), you run the risk of the marred pattern becoming raised bumps when you subsequently use a water-based stain.


    Thanks, that makes sense and excellent advice. I will try that.

    It would be great to have a document to go to that collects these type of tips.

    Ronald Kowalewski

    put a hardwood, or melanine base on your router plane

    Protect the line.

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