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    massimo maggioni

    Hello everybody. I’m new in woodworking and want to buy an handsaw from this site.


    I want to use either as ripsaw or crosscut saw.
    Wich of these do you recommend?
    Thanks a lot for the help.


    Richard Senior


    Those look like good saws.

    What other saws do you have or plan to buy? Do you expect to have power saws, or will you be working only with hand tools?

    Do you mean you want to use one saw for both rip and cross cuts? Ripping with a crosscut saw is extremely hard work and a rip saw is a lot better at ripping. Crosscutting with a rip saw is much easier in comparison, but makes a rough cut. But … if you buy wood planed to width, most of your handsaw cutting will be cross-cutting to length, although a tenon saw can do a lot of that on thinner pieces.

    If you enjoy working with wood, you will end up with at least four saws for straight cuts: a big rip saw, a crosscut hand saw, a tenon saw and a fine dovetail saw.

    massimo maggioni

    Thanks a lot for your help.
    I think I buy two saw for the cut (along and cross), and another for tenon.
    Have a good day.

    Matt McGrane

    Massimo, I have a PAX 4.5 tooth per inch (approximately) rip saw that I like very much. I bought it new a few years ago. The handle was a little loose, but I fixed that recently. Remember that if you use saws that you will have to sharpen them eventually. Many people recommend buying a cheap saw (that is resharpenable) to practice sharpening before you try to sharpen your nice saw.

    Matt, Northern California - Started a blog in 2016: http://tinyshopww.blogspot.com/

    John Meaney

    I find a 20in rip saw 10tpi and much easier to use than a 22in saw 10tpi saw, maybe it’s my arm length but the 22in I have feel cumbersome especially of your bench is against wall. That Greaves looks good but I have never used one and it would need the tooth profile changed – very easy to do. The 16in just seems too short. Rgds John

    Anything I make will be better next time.

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