Heart Pine

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    @orestes , can you say a few words what finish you used? The pine has a beautiful, reddish warm tone and I’m wondering how you achieved it.


    Yes of course, sorry for the delay in responding, been busy and not realized I had a question.

    I used probably three coats of clear Danish oil, hand rubbed.
    Followed by approx five or six applications of “Howard feed n wax”. Basically a wax, oil mixture, hand rubbed over the course of two weeks. I also leave the piece I am finishing out in the sun as much as possible to dry and darken in between applications. I find it cures better.

    Basically, many applications of your choice of finish, over a good long period of time with lots of hand rubbing and exposure to the outdoors will do the trick.


    The heart pine cabinet on its base
    Just started finishing the Sapele but the basic appearance is there.
    Probably another week or two of waxing, rubbing.


    I’ve been pawing through the home depot 2x12s for boards cut straight through the log. From there ive been ripping clear, quarter sawn boards. Some are about 5 inches wide. Not the same as old growth but a way to get clear, straight grain furniture wood. Anyway, your work is beautiful.


    Beautiful job, cabinet looks great, it is hard to beat old salvage lumber. I have a friend who builds custom furniture and he recently bought a barn up in New Hampshire and took all apart board for board which is mostly white oak and fir planks used on the roof. He is going to Indiana to get a pile of chestnut and he is giving me some of the piece’s ( mostly the cutoff’s which is all I want anyway ).


    Steve Massie, I live in the great State of Florida, US

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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