Height of a jointer plane no 7

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    Hello everybody,

    I am building my jointers toolchest right now, an as it happens I dont own a jointer plane no 7. As I may want to add such a plane (like stanley, juuma or veritas no 7 jointer) later to my toolbox, Iam very keen to know what the overall height of such an plane would be. Otherwise I may have to re-fit my panels in the bottom of the toolbox and thats what Iam trieing to avoid.

    So could anyone please tell me the height of a jointer no 7? I searched all over the web with no answer to be found.

    Thanks in advance,



    I have the Quangsheng No. 7 and it is 5″ 1/4″ high


    All my planes from #3 to #7 are 5 1/2 ” high



    Hello Red and Geoff,

    thanks for your fast reply and help. So I can finally go on tomorrow…

    Paul´s plans suppose the height of the divider 5 3/4″ so it would have been allright to stick to his numbers.
    But now I could be sure.

    @ Geoff: So the No 7 has the same small tote as, say a No 4? I work with a stanley no 4 and hoped, that for such a long plane a full grip would be possible without modifieing the tote…good to know that

    Thanks again.


    My Clifton #5 is 5 1/4″ high. My old Bailey #8 is 5 1/8″ high, but it looks like the angle lever is a little bent, so I’m going to call it 5 1/4″ too. These are zero clearance numbers. Don’t forget the thickness of any matting you might add or any blocks you might want the planes to rest on (obvious, but it’s something I’d forget!)


    Mine vary in height depending on whether they have a full-length iron or not.
    Here’s my measurements with the irons fully retracted:
    Stanley No.3 – 5 1/2″
    Stanley No.4 – 5 1/2″
    Stanley No.4 1/2 – 5 3/4″
    Stanley No.5 – 5 1/2″
    Stanley No.6 – 5 3/4″
    Record No.6 – 5 3/4″

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    Re: Size of Tote
    There are two sizes of tote. The Small and the Large are both the same height. The Large one has a longer base and a second bolt securing it to the sole.

    The Smaller size fits the No.3 and No.4 planes.
    The Larger size fits the No.4 1/2, No.5, No.6…

    But, as you can see from my measurements, it’s not the size of the tote that matters. The plane irons extend above the tote and will vary in length.


    Hi Ed and Alan,

    thanks for this additional information. Also a good reminder not to forget the matting, I almost missed this one. Well, after all I will probably go with 6″.

    Thanks again and have a nice week guys.

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