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    I recently bought a couple of adjustable bits and a 2-jaw brace. My first time trying it, and the larger bit is stuck. I can’t seem to free it even after removing the chuck from the brace. It’s almost like the shank fused onto the jaws.

    Any suggestions? I think the bit might have been too big.

    Dionysios P

    Try some WD40 or other penetrating oil and let it work for a few minutes. If the bit is still stuck in the jaws grab it in your vice and try some hammer blows on the back side (the one in the third picture).

    Be sensible with the hammer!

    The idea is to remove the jaw cover and get access to the actual jaws in order to separate them from the bit.

    Hopefully it will work.


    If the collar is loose , reach inside with a screwdriver and tap gently on the ends of the inner jaws this should break it loose.

    Mike Walsh

    In one picture it looks like the flats of the bit are not on the chuck flats. You may need to rotate the bit to align them to open up the clearance.


    Sometimes old brace-chucks and square-tapered bits from different manufacturers don’t mate well. Often it will work loose in use; more annoyingly as in your instance it jams tight.

    Very often in cases like this where two dissimilar metals are melded together, an easy first approach is heat. It’s worth trying as a first approach.

    I’m not advocating blasting the day-lights out of it with a blow-torch, simply the sort of heat that a moderate oven in your kitchen can provide…. say about 150 degrees for 20 minutes, possibly followed by a quick douche in cold water.

    Both metals will expand/contract at different rates and will usually disengage after a smart clout with a wooden mallet.

    If this doesn’t work…. go to stage 2…………… whatever that may be.
    All you have spent is twenty minutes with a cup of coffee.

    Good luck.

    Dave Ring

    A small refinement or clarification on Dyonisios’ advice:

    Start the bit part way into a scrap of soft wood. Separate the brace from the chuck shell, Stand the bit upright, inserted into the wood block. Give the back of the chuck shell a couple of stout whacks either with a mallet or with a steel hammer (buffered with a piece of scrap wood on top of the chuck shell).



    Chemicals, brute force or heat………….. take your pick.

    Have you got it apart yet?


    Try a pin-punch onto the ends of the front of the jaws with the back of the chuck supported on a piece of wood. Then turn the chuck around and tap on the back of the jaws with the front of the chuck supported on a vise. Light tap is all that should be needed just to gently move the jaws free of the shank – but don’t bash with a big hammer!


    Thanks for the ideas everyone, and sorry for not getting back. I put this aside for a while.

    Nothing seems to work. I’ve tried solvents, pliers, prying, and moderate force. @davering‘s advice for holding it helped, but still no progress. While poking and prodding, I discovered that all the pieces wiggle independently, the jaws just won’t open enough to free the bit.

    My last hope is @markh‘s idea, but it looks like this is a dedicated brace now. At least it’s an adjustable bit.

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