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    mark edsforth

    Hello woodworkers,

    Please could you help me with a problem. I am making a shoe-bench using pine and redwood. Prior to gluing up, the wood will plane to a nice finish (thanks to Paul’s excellent setting up advice for the planes) However, once assembled and glued I have tried finishing the joints (dovetails) with a plane and the wood just chunks up like it’s against the grain. I would rather not cabinet scrape the whole lot! Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Pine and redwood (as i know them) can be fairly soft. Plane must be very sharp and i set mine very shallow. You can try to pare any protruding dovetails first before planing. Have you also tried skewing the plane on an angle as well?

    Ontario, Canada

    Paul Dallender

    Paul when he’s planing dovetails or in fact any end grain in wood, has stated in the past on videos that to do this his plane blade has to be razor sharp and set very shallow. It may also help to give the bottom of the plane a swipe with the ‘oily rag in the tomato can’ for that extra bit of smooth running.

    I tried planing some end grain when making my bench and had the same issue. I found I had to take out the plane blade which I thought was sharp and give it some extra honing and that seemed to do the trick. Also Brian is right, I found if I skewed the plane slightly it worked better too.

    Paul - A southern lad living up north - Nr York England

    mark edsforth

    Gents! Thanks for the tips. I will try your recommendations.
    I suspect that “holding” 500mm. drawers in the vise might not help, as the wood is not really supported, so Pauls’ last video on clamping might also help?
    Thanks again. Mark

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