How flat do aprons need to be? (I will be using holdfasts)

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    Casey Bennett

    Hi there! I am working my way through the workbench build with some modifications. The boards that I purchased for the two aprons are quite cupped. I took the time to flatten the convex side of the board which I will be securing to the legs. But now I am wondering how flat, if at all, the convex outward facing faces need to be? This will be the side on which the vise would normally go, however I will be using holdfasts.

    I would say the cup is as much is 3/32 to 1/8 of an inch. I am thinking I probably don’t need it to be as flat as the benchtop, however I am not sure how to judge just how flat it does need to be.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I know I could just suck it up and flatten it, but I am really trying to get this done while I am still on holiday!


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    Hi Chasey,

    I left the rear apron on my workbench pretty rough scrub planed and so can you. However I spend some time to finishing the front apron and planing the bench top finally as square as possible to the front apron. This way I have two reference faces that are square which might help me later for example in assembling parts of my projects or things like that.

    You should consider that your woodworking habits will evolve over time and even if you plan with no vise right now you might want to have one in the future. Planing the front apron after the assembly of the workbench will be a lot more difficult than it is right now. So I suggest to spend the bit more effort now to have a solid and square workbench that can be extended in the future.

    Kind regards

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