How to search for a plane on eBay

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    How to search for a plane on eBay

    1. I want to see all the planes on eBay
    2. I only want to planes from well known makers
    3. I only want to see size 4 or 4 1/2 planes
    4. I do not want to see block planes

    1. we put the word “Plane” in the search box

    2. we put all the maker names in parenthesis separated by commas
    This gives us an “OR” search.
    We want Stanley planes or Bailey planes or Sargent planes, etc.
    We include common misspellings in case the seller misspelled the maker name.


    3. We add another set of parenthesis with all the various ways someone might type in the size.
    we include 409 and 410 for millers falls planes which use a different numbering system than Stanley

    (4,41/2,”4 1/2″,4.5,409,410)

    4. We add the word block with a minus sign (dash) in front of it to exclude planes with that word.


    So our final search looks like this:

    plane (stanley,bailey,record,sargant,sargent,miller,falls,craftsman) (4,41/2,”4 1/2″,4.5,409,410) -block

    Now suppose we decide we do not want to the SB3 or SB4 planes from Stanley

    we change “-block” to “-(block,sb3,sb4)”
    this can be read as: plane description does not have the words block, sb3, or sb4 in it.
    Our new search looks like this:

    plane (stanley,bailey,record,sargant,sargent,miller,falls,craftsman) (4,41/2,”4 1/2″,4.5,409,410) -(block,sb3,sb4)

    If you have any questions or want me to make a custom search for you, just let me know.

    Robin HC

    Robin ... Richmond, Virginia, USA

    Mark Armstrong

    Thanks Robin
    Knowing that will help on other searches as well 😉

    Dagenham, Essex, England

    Steve Follis

    Thanks Robin, that is pretty cool, I never knew how to do that.

    Memphis, Tennessee


    Great explanation Robin. Thanks for sharing.

    Retired airPLANE driver. Learning a new lifestyle in woodworking is fantastic!


    Thanks Robin, that’s fantastic. What was the trick you used in the other thread to get just the buy it now results? I couldn’t pick it out from the html link.

    I do find though that the best deals are sometimes from people that don’t know what they have. They list it as plain, or some other misspelling, or the wrong category or something and so very few people see it. When you do find them you can get lucky. Your search method will really help find a lot of them though.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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