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    I am fairly new to woodworking having only started a year ago on retiring. Been watching Paul and doing lots of copying and I think he is a great instructor. I have done a few of his dovetail boxes and amazed myself so I am now doing the toolbox. Managed to get the sides and ends done and surprised myself with the dovetails…. however having looked at them as a box I am not totally happy with them as they are a little uneven and not quite flush so I have decided to cut them out and start again with shorter sides and new ends… I am sure that the box being some 2″ shorter will not make too much difference although I am going to have to think carefully about adjusting other parts to size.
    Been a lot of work so far but I have learned so much just watching Paul and doing it that I am sure it is going to be worth it… ah well onwards and upwards onto mark 2.

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