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    My daughter needed a desk for school, so here’s a knock-down version of the Shaker Harvard trestle table. The top is made from scrap kitchen cabinet doors. The rest is made from construction 2×12 that has been kicking around for a decade that has been used as temporary post & beam during some repairs, scaffold for painting stairs, and to run wheelbarrows over. This is a desk from garbage. A couple bits, like the wedges, are from oak for no good reason, but I liked the subtly contrasting wood. The finish is a brew of water based dye left over from the blanket chest in the background.

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    Brian A


    “The Shakers avoided ornamentation, so I’d really like to know why the little toes are on the legs.”

    The toes helped meet your daughter’s specifications of keeping the legs out of the way of her legs. The footprint of the legs can be reduced because the toes extend their moment arm against the floor.

    Nice build. I need to make a large office desk soon and this one has some cool features.


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