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    Hello All,
    I assembled my bench last night and because my aprons are only 10 1/4 in. (got carried away with some planning). I can’t use bolts through the aprons because of the tenons on top rail and if I use screws they will go into the tenon. The bench is rigid with just the wedges but the aprons will pop-off if I bang from the back. This might not be a problem if I drive my wedges deeper.
    Two questions if you would be so kind.
    1. Should I use lag screws to hold the aprons even if they go into the tenon?
    2. My wedges protrude past the bottom of the apron. Should I flush cut or let them protrude?


    Randall Cates

    Hey d,
    I just put my workbench together this weekend. Like Paul, I used secondhand 2-by construction lumber for most of it. My aprons are 2 2x6s glued up which also ended up narrower than Paul’s aprons so, like you, not wide enough for coach/carriage bolts. So yes I used 2 lag bolts through each leg to attach my aprons. If you check Paul’s video he offset the lag bolts to miss the tenons. There should be enough thickness on either side of the tenon to drive the bolts in.
    As for the wedges, I’ve no opinion. They won’t be seen either way.
    And I’m super happy with my new workbench. Here’s a pic of it with my old bench behind it.


    Hi Randy-C,
    Thanks for the info. I’ll offset the screws as you did. Looks like I have 7/8″ to the side, so should be fine. I’ll be sure to pre-drill.
    Your bench looks great…I’m so close.
    Best regards,

    Ronald Kowalewski

    Thank you for this thread. Im about to be in the same predicament.My Aprons are only 10- 1/2″( 3 1/4″ top, 3/4″ bearer( i might go 1/2), 5″ rails, etc Should of went with a full 12″ aprons? i think we gonna be all right..
    My legs are slightly thicker So i think i can miss the tenon too. I have started a thread My secong workbench documenting the progress.. We are getting real close. The vise is in the shop, aprons recessed, top, and wellboard are completed and cut to length. Legs are mortised, rails are milled and cut to length. Doing the tenons, and hopefully leg assembly tonight!!

    Protect the line.

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