Lie-Nielsen Tapered Back Saws

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    Three new saws from Lie Nielsen



    Interesting…not sure I would replace my existing saws with this new design but I would consider them if I needed a new one. Thanks for the info Ken…

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    Greg Merritt

    I wonder how much of a difference this would make. I’m seriously considering installing a mirror on the wall behind my bench so I don’t have to keep bending my head over the work piece to see how close to the gauge line I am on the back side. Now I understand why a lot of older pieces show up with the gauge lines over cut on the inside of assemblies. In the long run I just need to get the feel of when my saw is level. Once I have that down, cutting to the gauge line on the face side will mean that I have reached the gauge line on the back side. Zen and the art of cutting dovetails…be at one with the saw.

    George Bridgeman

    I have the tapered dovetail saw (thin plate version). I first saw it at the European Woodworking Show last year when it just came out and tried it alongside the non-tapered version. It certainly cuts quicker, or at least with less effort, and feels more balanced.
    For any other saw geeks, there’s a really good post about taper (or cant) here:
    Matt actually built a carcase saw with the same taper as traditional (early 19th century) saws and was amazed by the difference it made. He talks about it here:

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    These saws are actually in a box being shipped to me tomorrow 🙂 Really looking forward to taking them fora spin and make some kerfs!

    I’ll post some comments when we are acquainted…

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    Nice 🙂

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