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    I guess as we are the first in we might as well start a conversation.

    I have a blended shop but mostly use the power tools to true and dimension stock and do the frequent “honey do” jobs.  I collect old tool to use, so I have more saws, planes and chisels than any sane person needs.  In my defense most of ’em are sharp, work and are used. I just finished a new Roubo split top bench made from construction grade SYP to replace my smaller 30 year old SYP work bench. Photos will follow.

    The personal stuff: I’m a semi-retired (heavy on the semi, light on the retired :-)) displaced Texan living in the desert Southwest with the CinC and a couple of big hairy Labs. Life is good.



    Hi Ken,

    I’m pretty much a handtool only guy now, for better or worse.  Had some nice power tools up in Alaska, but when we moved to Texas I sold them.  The new house only has one 15 amp 120v outlet in the garage, and I don’t really have the space for a bunch of large power tools. (Half a two car garage) .  I wish I had access to them, but I get a long pretty well without them.


    Personal stuff:  I’m a younger guy for a woodworker (30).  Born and raised in Alaska.  Living in Houston now.  My two year old son loves to hang out in the shop with me and use the mallet to pound pegs in my bench and “cut cut” with his gents saw.



    Hi all,


    Handtools (almost only) for me to. Have to keep the neighbours happy, but the real reason is being able to make something with your own hands (and some tools). I am just a hobby woodworker and I earn my money as an IT-engineer. I have my little shop at the attic (if that’s the right way to say it) and I’m from the Netherlands (maps.google.com :)). My three year old daughter likes to turn the bench vice in and out and draw on the bench with a pencil.


    : half a two car garage, isn’t that just a one car garage 🙂




    Hi Kenneth, You can never have too many hand tools 😉 as long as SWMBO has faulty radar. 😀

    I’m a semi retired cabinetmaker with a reasonably sized home workshop, a son (He’s a second year apprentice cabinetmaker), three daughters, six labradors and two gerbils.  My wife keeps me in check most of the time 🙂



    Hey guys, another Ken. I’m from the UK and another hand tool nut. I have nothing against power tools , just the way I like to work.

    I work from home, and have a large spare room turned into my workshop.

    Very Best




    Hello people,

    Jesper from Sweden here. Just got started with woodworking (again, it’s been dormant for some 10 years…) and rediscovering that I much prefer hand tools for most tasks. I consider working with a live material using my hands a breathing room in contrast to my normal work as an electronics design engineer. Currently working out of a small but heated storage room outside our house.

    As we moved into our house about a year ago there is no shortage of furniture projects to occupy my free time 🙂

    I stumbled over Paul Sellers on Youtube and really enjoy the simple, effective and hands-on way he works with wood.


    Kind regards


    Located in Jönköping, Sweden.


    Hello everybody


    i am a beginning woodworker from Holland , and i also use Handtools only.

    My tiny shop is also at the attic but it works great for me right now.

    I have seen the first video’s and i very much like the way mr Sellers is teaching us how to

    effectively work with wood and the tools he is using.



    the download option works great.


    Lopik - Netherlands

    Joseph Sellers

    Glad to hear the downloads are working. Thanks for posting.


    Hi All

    Am in as well, name is Dave.  Have always loved building things but never had the opportunity to learn from experts until now.  Am really looking forward to learning these skills from Paul.  I have recently purchased his DVD and Book and so far I have completed the workbench and shelving unit.  Finished up a box last night too!  Never in my life have I ever built anything that turned out square and have always had to “persuade” things to fit until now.  The work bench, shelving unit and box came together nicely with the exception of the box and shelving unit.  I have a couple joints in the box that didn’t quite fit, I think an errant saw was to blame…err…rather the saw operator was to blame,  the shelving unit came together perfectly except the finish, shellac .  It dries so fast that the finish is not smooth at all, its rather blotchy.  I think I’m sticking to danish or tung oil from now on.


    Brent Ingvardsen

    Stumbled on this older thread and wanted to formally introduce myself.


    I have been working wood for 20+ years but only considered my self as a true woodworker after one weekend with Paul in Texas. I have a blended workshop and I’m steadily selling dovetail jigs, mortice machines, etc. because I no long need them. I work as a Nurse Anesthetist and run a small beekeeping business. I am a full fledged hand tool junkie. I refinish/refurbish old tools and resell them to support my tool addiction. I’m enjoying this forum and am learning a great deal. Thanks



    Meridianville, Alabama, USA


    I’m also a latecomer to this thread.

    I’ve been dabbling in woodworking for about 8 years.  I was slowly collecting all the “required” machines, according to the “experts”, until I stumbled on Chris Schwarz in the middle of his transition to hand tools.  By this time, I had developed severe buyer’s fatigue, as it seemed like there was always an additional machine or some specialized jig required.  Every time I wanted to incorporate some new feature or technique into a project, I had to find another one.  And I didn’t feel like I was developing any ability to go beyond a specific set of someone else’s plans.  And I was tired of the noise and the dust and my children being frightened to be in the shop.  Reading Chris write things like most modern tools are really just “tool-shaped” objects, and with a good handsaw, you can saw any angle, any line you can see, turned on a light bulb for me.  Then finding Paul on the Internet a couple of years ago, turned on a whole bank of lights.

    Right now by trade I’m a professional hacker, youngish (36 w/ 7 young children), but I’m really hoping and working towards starting a small side business making high integrity furniture.  Something that my kids can participate in, earn a little money and learn a lot.

    Just moved to NE Ohio


    I love the idea of working wood, of building things, especially making furniture by using only hand tools.  That’s my goal.  In my imagination, I see a calm, quite, peaceful and therapeutic experience in doing this.  Well, when I eventually get my environment (shop) set up and, learn enough about working wood.  🙂

    About 15 years ago, I began to learn about woodworking.  I bought several power tools.  A table saw, drill press, power router etc.  But, not long after beginning, circumstance forced me to sell those things and put all of that on hold.  Such is life eh?  🙂

    As I’ve thought about starting again through the years, I decided I wanted to use nothing but hand tools — if I can.  So now, I’m starting all over and that’s what I’m gonna do.

    I’ve wished I could be an apprentice so I can learn this craft.  Then I found Paul Sellers.  I firmly believe — as you do too I’m sure — that through all of the information Paul puts out there (Youtube videos, his blog, his books and DVDs and, of course this site, the Woodworking Master Classes), I’m getting as close to an apprenticeship as I can get.  I’m excited about this journey and very eager to learn more.  I’m looking forward to the day I can share something I built and proudly say “I made that.”  🙂





    Texas, USA

    Brent Ingvardsen

    Welcome Kelly 🙂  I have made a similar transition to the hand tool side. Good thing is you only need space for your bench and little more for most projects.


    Meridianville, Alabama, USA

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