Millers Falls router plane on eBay

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    Dave Ring

    $60 BIN plus shipping. M.F. tools were usually at least as good as the Stanley originals. I found this using the search terms below:

    router plane -Stanley



    It looks to be a one of a range of very similar routers that were made by a number of makers….. however, there are two salient points to consider.

    First, the backing material is usually an optional very flat piece of wood screwed from the top (it has holes in the sole-plate provided for this), and is intended to be removable – you don’t need it all the time. You may find that the plastic formica-plate hides a defect. Formica is very brittle and chips easily. At the very least the adhesive will be a pain to clean off if you ever need to remove it or it becomes damaged.

    Secondly, if that is the only blade provided you may find it a little too narrow for wide clearances. Most routers of this type come with three blades; one narrow at about 1/4 inch, one at about 1/2 inch which is used most often and a third with a pointed end that I have never found a use for.
    Spare blades for a Stanley or Record router may be easier to get than this Millers Falls blade which looks to be a bespoke fit.

    With tools I find it best to buy once and to buy well.
    Your choice.

    peter tiffney

    I have a millers falls router also a Stanley a record and an acorn model and they are all the same all blades fit each others plane millers falls planes are as good as any of Stanley

    Dave Ring
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