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    I saw some talk of making a bow saw and it was one item on my lit of things to make…so I made one.

    I did not have a plan, just looked at the one PS uses and started working it out my story board.

    Well back up…I had bought what I thought was a bow saw blaed a few weeks ago, turns out it was a frame saw blade…and i got two..doh! No problem…

    Edit – do not attempt this…

    I used a cut off disc on a pedestal grinder…a few clamps and well placed boards and i was ready to start cutting it down to a smaller height. No bleeding was involved so I done something right…

    Edit – Resume doing this if you want 🙂

    I used what I think is hard maple – not 100% sure as it was a board that got mixed in with the Ash when I built my bench from (Prior to my enlightenment (Learning of Paul))

    I have a 6″ depth of cut which should met my needs. The twine is some Jute 3 ply I got at TSC.

    Still deciding if I like the shape of the handle. Might need some tweaking yet.

    So the plan was to take the things I have learned from the other PS projects I have made and all the videos I have watched a hundred times.

    1. made a plan in my head.
    2. put it on my story board
    3. Size the stock
    4. cut the tenons
    5. chop mortises
    6. Radius near the tenon seats
    7. Radius near the mortises
    8. Shape the uprights (handles?) and the cross piece
    9. drill holes for 3/16 x 1 dowels (Hardened)
    10. saw recess for blade
    11. make the winding paddle
    12. put the saw together – wrap 4 or 5 rounds of twine – tie with a square knot

    Put it together and use it.

    Thinking I could have went with smaller dimensions on the stock. This things seems very stout.


    more pictures


    Dat Be Me who wanted to see Paul doing a video on building a Bow saw.

    I have a couple small 12″ saws but I was really more curious as to the different size Bow saws and what each function would be.
    Besides all that , I do like your saw you made though it looks very solid and well built. Where did you say you bought those blades?

    Paul uses a hacksaw blade in the one he was using in I think one of the Chair project videos.

    I just wanted to say that was a very nice job you did there I appreciate you sharing it with us.

    A man who has made a reputation for his goods knows its value as well as its cost and will maintain them. H.D. est 1887


    Thanks Chris…I got the blade from highland woodworking, just did a search on bow saw blades. What I got was called a Rip/joinery blade.

    I too would like to see Paul do a video on the bow saw construction. I thought he also uses a section of bandsaw blade on one of his saws.

    Thinking I should have done a little more research before getting started on my saw. Not seeing any out there with a radius on the end of the cross member.

    Matt McGrane

    I like that a lot. I’ve been interested for a long time in making a bow saw – it’s not to the top of the list yet.

    I’ve seen the radius on the end of the cross piece and matching radius on the mortise. I’m just not sure where I’ve seen that. Maybe something by Roy Underhill. But I think it’s necessary to have that curve so that the side pieces can pivot a little bit when tightening and loosening the blade. This probably means that you also need to make the tenon width a little loose in the mortise.

    I’d love to hear how the saw holds up after some time. Thanks a lot for the post.

    Matt, Northern California - Started a blog in 2016:


    Roy did that on the saw they were recreating so that, as the holes that the handle pins go in enlarge over time, it wouldn’t put strain on the mortise and tenon. I would think it would also help when adjusting blade tension. Also, Gramercy Tools (“Tools for Working Wood”) sells bow saw blades, handle pins and complete handles for those like me that don’t have a lathe. I’ve also seen free templates on-line for the entire saw. When I remember where I saw it, I’ll post again.

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